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The History of Tim Adams Coffee

Tim has been a professional barista for the past 8 years. Originally starting in coffee to just have a job Tim soon discovered that his passion for coffee and the humble bean began to interest him in ways he never thought possible. “My passion for coffee is equalled only to my passion to be the best barista I can.” Enter the State, National and International Barista competitions. I entered my first competition to learn more and to network within the industry. In 2009 I fulfilled my first dream in the industry – to win the AASCA Qld Barista Championship. From here I moved into the National competition and was named the AASCA 2009 Australian Barista Champion. Each year the Australian champion represents the nation at the World Barista Championship where I placed 13th in the world. The role of an Australian Barista Champion is something I am very proud of and feel it is my responsibility to represent the specialty coffee industry as an ambassador and a leader.

To keep my hand in and stay focused on building my skills as a Barista I defended my title to become the 2010 Qld Champion. This has allowed me to take my career to the next level to become a business owner and launch my own brand of specialty coffee.

Tim Adams Specialty Coffee includes a mobile espresso bar, retail and wholesale coffee, training and consultation. Tim Adams Specialty Coffee launched with the Season One Blend in June 2010.

At EAT we chose to use Tim Adams Specialty Coffee as we believe it truly is premium product. Tim really knows what he is doing – he dedication, passion & strive for the best coffee is outstanding.

We all actually go back a far way – we all went to school together at Urangan High in Hervey Bay & many years on we are proud that we all support each other in our careers.

The coffee blend changes seasonly just like our menu.


Cold Press Coffee

This is iced coffee, but not as you know it!

It is made directly from the roasted & ground course coffee, this is liquid gold served in a brown bottle, served ice cold – you won’t be disappointed EAT at Dan & Steph’s Cold Press Coffee takes the flavour of the Tim Adams Coffee beans & transforms it directly to an iced caffeine fix. Extremely smooth, full of flavour & the kick you all love.

To extract this liquid gold, a cold press apparatus is used. Ice is placed in the top beaker, it slowly melts & drips slowly through the course ground coffee, which is then dripped into the bottom – it usually take 8-10 hours to extract over 2L.

This process eliminates the acidity in the coffee & once mixed with Cooloola full cream milk & a touch of sugar syrup – its extremely smooth & inviting. EAT Cold Press Coffee is our own house blend & is hand bottled by us with love.

Coffee Range

  • Tim Adams Specialty Coffee bags – whole beans 250g $15
  • Tim Adams Specialty Coffee bags – grinded house domestic 250g $15
  • Tim Adams Specialty Coffee bags – whole beans 1kg $40
  • Tea Drop Tea Bags (20 bags) $15 – Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Chai, Honey Dew Green Tea, Camomile