Emmy Sinchies

EAT with Emmy Sinchies range of reusable squeezy pouches offers a versatile system of clear, reusable, eco-friendly, BPA free plastic baby food pouches – if you haven’t yet heard of Sinchies, they are the healthy and environmentally friendly version of the popular throw away yoghurt squeezy, smoothie, baby food and fruit crush pouches you’ve seen at the supermarket loved by kids and parents alike. These dishwasher friendly pouches can be used for a multitude of things (not just kids and babies but for your homemade sauces, soups, dressings and lots more)

Yep, that’s right bubbies, mummies & daddies can use these. They are wonderful to have in your home, are cheaper, safer & more convenient than plastic containers and take up less room in your cupboard.
With our EAT with Emmy Sinchies reusable squeezy pouches, you’ve got the store bought convenience with healthy homemade goodness on the inside. Simply clean them out after each use and used again & again.

They allow you & your children to eat healthy homemade wholefood yummies while on the run, out & about, at work, at school or if you have a very independent toddler who would rather be on the go when snacking.
We hope you love the range of EAT with Emmy items as much as we do.
More designs & recipes to come.

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