Kingaroy BaconFest 2022 is back baby!!

August 19-21

Get your tickets now –


Bursting with Flavour Kingaroy BaconFest is a 3 day sizzling food festival that will tantalise your taste buds.

Join us & the legendary crew from Sunpork at the Swig & Swine deck all weekend – we have an array of food available such as Porchetta rolls, pork ribs and more plus a full bar

Over here we will also be hosting the Sunpork Smoke Off competition with Australia’s best BBQ teams

Catch us here also on stage where we will show you how to create & roll a tasty “PORCHETTA” at home and Dan & I go head to head in a MEAT vs SWEET cook off!

This will be fun!! You come be the judge.

The three-day sizzling food festival in Queensland’s beautiful South Burnett celebrates the versatility of bacon and puts Australian pork on centre stage.

Discover the joy of bacon fries and bacon ice cream at a two-day food market featuring specialist food trucks, attend a bacon-eating competition, or learn from the best in the business at cooking demonstrations and masterclasses.

Bacon lovers with a flair for fashion may want to enter a BaconFest pinup pageant or Beard of BaconFest contest conducted by popular pinup icon Bettie Butcher. There’s even a Rasher’s Rush cycling and running event along the South Burnett Rail Trail and special activities for little piglets with a corner of the festival devoted to kids.

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