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Dan & Steph love their footy, snags and beer. But make no mistake: this down-to-earth Hervey Bay couple are serious foodies. After winning the fourth series of Australian ‘My Kitchen Rules’ in 2013, we gained a variety of experiences and many cooking techniques that we use now every day in life. We applied to be on the show as we were at a cross road in our lives. We had been trying IVF to start our family, we work very hard in our day to day jobs to make ends meet. We rent our house, save 12 months to go on a holiday every year, so I suppose you could say we were the every day Aussie battlers. We weren’t great cooks prior to the show, but we would love to entertain our friends & family, we enjoy making people happy with food & we love the preparation of, lets say a ‘service’. The night of our negative IVF result in 2012, we spoke for hours about what are we going to do next. Then there was an ad on the TV that said ‘have you got what it takes to be the next My Kitchen Rules champions?’ We looked at each other & shrugged our shoulders. Why not?? Lets give it a crack. We filled in the on line application, then the very next day received a phone call from network Seven.



 The next 5 months was an enduring application process, but then we were finally selected. This was the change in our lives we needed. We left our jobs, packed a suitcase each & headed off on this new adventure where neither of us knew where it was going to take us. It was daunting yet exciting. The show took 6 months to film, each day between 14 to 16 hours long. We didn’t start off that great, but we were sponges, we listened to everything & listened to the judges. We practiced so many different techniques in our small one bedroom apartment in Sydney. Babied meat that was in the oven between midnight & 4 am, got up on the hour every hour to check how it was going. We see now, that this was the dedication, commitment & hard work that allowed us to win. It was an experience of a life time, we are so appreciative of every opportunity throughout the show & post show that has come our way. It was very overwhelming for us to see how much support we have received, we can’t thank everyone enough. Life has changed so much & we are so happy. We have been together eight years and married five, Steph, 32 and Dan, 33 went to the same school. “We knew of each other but didn’t associate with each other, I was a year above Steph,” says Dan. Years went by then, explains Dan, he noticed her on Melbourne Cup day at the local pub. Dan proposed the following Melbourne Cup day and they married the Saturday post cup day the very next year. We have a passion is food. “Dan is the strong cook & always was, prior to the show,” says Steph. “I wasn’t a great cook before we got together. But Dan has taught me so much & is my inspiration” I love slow cook meat & I make my own sausages. My big passion is snags,” says Dan. “I’ve also got a smokehouse. It’s the manly thing to do – smoke stuff. I can’t find anything better than a smoked piece of fresh sea mullet.” Steph loves creating bold desserts. The couple unleash their creativity on their friends regularly. “I kind of feel sorry for them,” laughs Dan. “We experiment on them.”


Dan & Steph Mulheron became the lovable every day Aussie couple on the fourth series of channel Sevens largest cooking show, My Kitchen Rules


Since taking out the title of ‘Champions’ in 2013, they have continued to work extremely hard over the past five years on goals they have set for themselves.


Dan & Steph have opened their own restaurant called EAT at Dan & Steph’s in their home town of Hervey Bay Queensland.


They also published their first cookbook in November 2014 ‘EAT @ Home’,

Published their second cookbook ‘Meat & Sweet’ in July 2015


Their biggest goal in life was achieved when Dan & Steph introduced their first child into the world, a daughter Emmy born in late April 2015.

This was the reason why Dan & Steph applied themselves throughout the My Kitchen Rules experience & competition – to win – and use funds to travel the IVF route to achieve their goal – and now she is finally here!


Dan & Steph have a huge passion for food & family.

They have built a reputable brand for themselves & are branching out with many new adventures all the time.