EAT with Emmy eBook


After many discussions with our mummy & daddy friends, we thought creating & sharing recipes for little ones & families was right up our ally and something that many families could turn to when you have that moment in the kitchen ‘what the hell am I going to cook?’

We have created an eBook showcasing 25 recipes of snacks, treats & meals.
The yummy recipes were created for toddlers & families, but also could be helpful when introducing food to your little ones for the first time so you introduce a large variety of textures, flavours & tastes to them.
Included in the EAT with Emmy ebook is nutritional table outlining vital information that we all like to know.

We worked closely with our long time friend Daisy Wood, (qualified nutritionist) to create nutritionally sound recipes but also keeping it real for every family and using ingredients that you would find in your fridge and cupboard.
These recipes are super simple, nutritious, yummy & maybe something that you have never thought of before to serve to your little ones and family.