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Front of house

One thing that we don’t know about you
I definitely have arachnaphobia

What you want to be when you grow up
a successful small business owner

What song title describes you?
No one makes it on her own – Roxette

Who is your doppelganger?
Never done this before so here goes… According to face double celebrity looks – Paris Hilton LOL, eek !

What’s your favourite knock knock joke?
Knock Knock, Who’s there. Opportunity… Don’t be silly, opportunity doesn’t knock twice!

What was the ‘Best thing’ before sliced bread?
Coffee beans of course

What you love best about the Fraser Coast?
The natural attractions – the bay and foreshore, the relaxed lifestyle, beaut climate and its a nice place to raise a family and eat at dan and stephs

Dan or Steph?
Both, there pretty awesome
steph – dan
st…an Stan. I choose Stan !