We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Channel 7 and our very own TV show Travel and Eat with Dan & Steph!

Let us take you on a food journey around the world .. but with a twist ... only our tastebuds will be travelling while we find awesome new adventures in our own backyard and meet the families growing great Aussie produce.

STAY TUNED FOR ALL THE NEWS - follow us on socials as we tease locations while we are filming.

In Season 2 of Travel and Eat with Dan and Steph, we set off with our new black food van "strEAT" in tow - with one mission in mind - to meet and cook with salt of the earth characters from around the world that celebrate their culture through food and family.

Think pasta making with an Italian nonna or mastering the perfect pork knuckle with a German chef.

With newfound recipes and cultural secrets up our sleeves, we will source produce from local farms, butchers and delis around Queensland to create our own dishes, paying homage to these rich cultures.

Of course, we are known as Sausage King & Queen, so you can expect to see our range of Three Aussie Farmers sausages feature throughout their dishes, as well as 100% Australian pork from Sunpork and top notch produce from Sweet Potatoes Australia.

Food has a wonderful way of connecting people, no matter your heritage and that's exactly what we plan to do in Season 2 of Travel and Eat with Dan and Steph.

Stream SERIES 1 online whenever you like here on Dan & Stephs YouTube Channel - EAT with Dan & Steph

Series 1 Recipes

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Want a Canadian adventure? We're in Kingaroy with a traditional nutty dessert and a pig on the spit slapped with 100% maple to transport you to the other side of the world

This Episodes


Wish you were in Morocco? Then don't miss our roasted sticky sweet potato grown in Bundaberg's glorious red earth.

This Episodes


Feel like a trip to Mexico? We're catching fresh reef fish for a taco dinner with a mango twist in spectacular Bowen.

This Episodes


Fancy a Texan BBQ for dinner? We will show you how to create a sweet and savory Texan delight in the beef capital of Rockhampton.

This Episodes

Hervey Bay

Missing the bliss of Bali? Come visit us in Hervey Bay and marvel at the white sands of Pelican Bank, where we create the messy and delicious Gado Gado.

This Episodes

Find the hidden holiday gems right in your backyard, meet some of Australia's best producers and taste the flavours of international travel.
Join us for Travel and Eat with Dan + Steph
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